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Birthdays, and The Low Carb Cake

Strawberries on a plate

If you have a large family or even a medium sized one, chances are you have quite a few birthdays…and what comes with birthdays? You guessed cake, the evil under of the low carb lifestyle, I mean who doesn't like cake? Well for those of you who cringe at the birthday season because you can either grab a big old carb filled cake or face the disappointment of your loved ones when you decide to skip the cake I have a little solution.

Make a LOW CARB CAKE! Yeah you heard me, there are actually a few varieties of low carb cakes out there to choose from and if your family is at all like mine, we have birthday after birthday in a row, it's like a low carb diet murdering spree every year. Below I have found some resources online that you might find useful in making a cake, your family can enjoy as well as yourself for the birthdays.

Here is a quick video about how to make a low carb cake with a microwave in 3 Minutes, now most birthdays will need a much larger cake, but this is a good recipe.

And another cake making video for your viewing pleasure:

For more traditional cakes, take a look at the following recipes and resources: