On this site you will find food lists for easy shopping the low carb way, but before we get to that, here is a little backstory for our newest visitors.

You may be one of us starting to realize that the massive amounts of carbohydrates and sugar consumed in the daily american diet, is actually starting to cause a lot of problems.

Sometimes it's something as simple as feeling sluggish and unwell, and wondering How do I fix this?.

This usually leads to a lot of research and eventually wondering if cutting down on the carbs/sugars could help?

Others have ran into issue that seem unresponsive to everything else they have tried, and now it's down to diet.

Well on this site, we will go over recipes, thoughts and information about the Low Carb, Keto and Carnivore lifestyles.

I have personally been on a mix of these diets for most of my adult life (with the exception of a few years and bad decisions around college heh.... oh to be young.)

Thanks for joining us here, and I hope you find the content very useful in tackling; what for some is the hardest thing they have ever done. Changing their diet, for good.


Note: I am in the process of bringing over the old site's content, it will be a bit before I have it all online. One thing I am trying to do is go over and re-write any old content, and make it all more polished going forward. Happy 2021!