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What is a Low Carb Diet – if you’re new you SHOULD read this

So if you’re new to this you might be asking yourself, “What is low carb?”, or “What is a low carb diet?” Now the answer is pretty straightforward but it still needs a little explaining. To put it simple a low carb diet is just a eating style that involves eating as little¬†carbohydrates¬†as possible–things such […]

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Low Carb Bread

In many cases one of the hardest things for a person to give up when they decide to go low carb is bread. We use bread in sandwiches, toast, and many other normal meal items–including pizza crust. I haven’t found myself having too much trouble with this as I usually don’t eat much bread anyway […]

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Low Carb foods

Generally intake of Carbohydrate rich food increases the glucose level in the blood stream. This is the real fuel in the body which is essential for growth and sustenance of different systems of the body. Whenever there is excess glucose in the blood stream it is preserved in the fat cells as storage of fuel. This is facilitated by complex chemical reactions that insulin gives the information to the brain of human beings.

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