A new beginning

Over the past year I have had a bit of a falling out with Low Carbing, life was too busy and sometimes that can really wreck a good thing. Anyway for those of your who have come back to read articles of this blog, or even for those of you who are only now discovering this blog; I’d just like to say I’M BACK! 🙂

Alright well, I should be getting you quite a few new articles up in the very near future and as always I look forward to your comments and support.

For the past few months I have discovered why I loved low carbing so much—well aside for the ability to eat as much meat and veggies as I like that is—I am allergic to quite a few of the carb-filled delights our general population enjoy as a daily food source—namely wheat, corn and all things made of corn—such as the corn syrup that is found is practically everything now a days for no apparent reason.

I would love to ask someone why exactly we need high fructose corn syrup in our bread, in our ketchup and in our mayonnaise, but I am guessing it comes down to it being dirt cheap. Sadly if you are one of those unlucky people like myself that makes all of those foods a very bad idea to eat.

I have also found out what a lot of you guys that may have stopped low carbing for a time found out, eating all of those carbs all the time makes me feel tired and sick all the time. That is no way to live a full and wonderful life, so it is time to make a change once more.

One other note I would like to mention here in my little rant. Just because you are low carbing doesn’t mean you are NO carbing. Sometimes a few carbs are okay, in the case of most men NO carbing will make you very tired all the time if you don’t have low carb snacks all day.

This is not a problem it’s just a fact, and a little bit of carbs are good for you, just try and make sure you are getting good carbs and not some sugar carbs from a bunch of ice-cream or something.

Ideally you will find a balance for yourself, one that allows you to have a few carbs without a major problem—and if you are like me, finding carbs that don’t come from something you are allergic to is more of a problem as you are low carbing to feel good, not get ill from allergies etc.

Thank you for reading, I have some great new articles planned and I can’t wait to share them with you all again.

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