The New Year, and Low Carb for Weight Loss

It’s that time of year again. Yeah you know what time of year I mean. Time to get into shape again for the summer months, reevaluate your life and in general just try and get healthier.

So why not start off right with a low carb diet! It’s hard to beat a diet that lets you eat meat, vegetables, and dairy products as much as you like.

So lets go ahead and take a few minutes to think over some of the perks to low carb for weight loss.

In a standard diet you almost always have the following requirements–which lets face it can make food a lot less interesting and lead to some serious binge moments for most of us.

*Limited Butter — our favorite flavor is not very popular in traditional diets since it is high in fat content, but for low carbers it’s not a big deal at all–and oh so good on steamed vegetables!

*Calorie counting — really I need to be a math wiz to get healthy? That sucks, I didn’t even like math class… Low carb diets rarely count calories, because it’s the carbs that turn into sugar in your blood that let you store those calories anyway! Not to say you should grab the biggest calorie counting meal you can think of, but generally counting calories isn’t in a low carb diet.

*Limited meats — All I can say is, sometimes I man has to have a good steak, it’s in our genes, according to some studies humans only became highly intelligent AFTER we starting eating meat! I’m not sure if that’s because the meat made us smart, or we had to get smart to catch the meat. But I’m like a lot of folks, and I LOVE a good chunk of meat, be it fish, beef or pork. Most diets restrict your allowed meat intake. Low carbers generally eat meat as a staple food, how cool is that! Bring on the broccoli beef!

*Small meals — yes, we all tend to over eat, so a little of this can be a good thing, however with most low carb meals you can eat in most cases as much as you like. No half portions for this guy…

*Tasteless food — a big problem with a lot of diets is simply that the food is bland. I mean if you take out the butter, salt, and meat, where do you get the flavors from? With most low carb dishes the food is often more flavorful then normal. Meats stewed in with vegetables, and eats, or maybe black pepper and some curry powder? Yeah I love my food to taste amazing, and low carb allows me to have my cake and eat it to–okay not the cake….cake is bad most of the time 🙂

So if you are like me, the last week or so has been an endless series of thinking of ways to better my life for this year, one of them is to be even more healthy. I will be low carbing and exercising more then last year, and I truly hope some of you will do the same. Low carb is a wonderful way to get healthy, and lose some weight at the same time. And the best part is you can do both while enjoying amazing meals full of flavor!

Here’s to the new year, and here’s to you guys. Please feel free to leave your comments, and suggestions I always love hearing from you all. Good luck, and good eating 🙂


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