What is a Low Carb Diet – if you’re new you SHOULD read this

So if you’re new to this you might be asking yourself, “What is low carb?”, or “What is a low carb diet?” Now the answer is pretty straightforward but it still needs a little explaining. To put it simple a low carb diet is just a eating style that involves eating as little carbohydrates as possible–things such as bread, and noodles, and really pretty much anything made from a grain.

Why would someone want to low carb? Generally from my experience there are two types of low carber out there, the ones that want to lose weight, and the ones that don’t feel good when they eat a
lot of carbs–carbs can make you feel very run down, and sometimes people can get extremely sleepy after eating carb heavy foods or meals–I am the second one, thought losing a little weight doesn’t hurt for sure.

I found out when I was in my early twenties that carbs just didn’t agree with me, I’d eat a meal, and then find myself barely able to keep my eyes open, often I would just go take a nap–you know what happens when you eat a ton of carbs, and then sleep afterwards…well lets just say it’s a common practice for sumo wrestlers in japan. Since I don’t want to become a sumo wrestler, I decided to take action instead.

I found that if I cut most of the carbs out of my meals, I felt much more awake, and didn’t end
up wanting to take a nap break right after a meal, so far it’s working rather well for me–I will note that men tend to burn a lot more energy then women, in some case cutting too many carbs out will make a man fatigued, so you maay have to eat at least a few carbs now and then, and I am sure some woman require a few carbs to feel energized as well.

Our problem isn’t really the carbs exactly, it’s the fact we eat a TON of them, and they are highly processed foods, that are body can barely even break down properly–carbs take a lot of energy to break down, which is one of the reasons people will get sleepy after a large carb-filled meal.

Another issue is that carbs in general, break down in your body a lot like sugar does, which everyone knows isn’t the greatest thing to eat in massive quantities anyway.

But back to the original topic what is a low carb diet? It’s just a diet that tries to minimize your intake of carbs, as simple as that sounds, it really requires a lot of work to do.

Our society is very carb based, everything–and I mean EVERYTHING, has sugar in it, and most everything has some form of wheat in it. Go into your local grocery store and stop to read the labels on at least ten items, chances are you will have to look for a while to find something
that doesn’t have sugar or wheat in it, and while your doing this note just how many carbs are in these “foods”. It can really be an eye opener for many.

Now just think, imagine if each of those grams of carbohydrats were sugar instead–which they eventually become in your body, would you really want to eat that much sugar in a meal?

Thankfully for me, eating low carb is fairly easy, I love meat, and I love most vegetables–which just happen to be some of the foods you can eat without any problem on a low carb diet as they are generally very low carb anyway. As they say BRING ON THE BBQ! 🙂

Hopefully this has helped explained what a low carb diet is, if not a quick look around this site will show you a lot of information on the topic, I have been eating low carb for a few years now off and on, and I feel much, much healthier then I used to.

If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you at least think about trying a low carb lifestyle even if only for a month, just to see for yourself.

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