Low Carb for the New Year!

If you are like me and countless others, every-time the new year comes around we start making plans. Get back into shape, eat better, make more money, spend more time with loved ones…etc and the list goes on and on and on…

Well if you can make one goal this year, and keep it, then plan to go low carb at least a few meals of the week–even this little bit will help you out, in
fact some people respond to low carb eating in a totally different style then others.

For some people, it often works best to eat low carb strictly for 6 days out of the week, and then they get a “free pass day” where they can eat whatever they like! Yeah you heard me, it’s chocolate time baby! Believe it or not this can actually help you stick to your low carb diet and get healthier then you have ever been before in no time.

But the best part is for those of you that end up having a random binge and then feeling guilty about it–it happens to us all really at some point and
time–it’s OKAY! So here’s how and why it works so well. Because you are eating low carb 6 out

of 7 days a week, you still see great benefits from eating right, and since you have a day you know you can have that evil cupcake that it calling your name, you can hold off for the right day and feel no guilt at all!

The reason this actually works is because your body tends to think if it gets nothing of some kind of food–in this case carbs–it’s starving and should conserve energy and ba-da-dum store FAT!–Blame the cavemen they made your body that way to survive, sadly that ability has little use for us today.

Now the awesome part is, your body doesn’t ever thing it’s dying since you keep binging on the good stuff once a week, so just as it’s wondering should I be storing fat, you say NO WAY I have tons of food right here! See?

The end result is you have less cravings–and can better hold off until your prearranged binge day for them–and your body never gets to thinking you are in another ice age. It’s like the best of both worlds!

So here is my new years gift to all my readers–please leave comments about your stories, it helps us all to know how others are doing–for the new year is this binge plan–well okay it’s mostly for the readers that are having a hard time sticking to a strict low carb diet, but all of us like a horrible
for us snack now and then, don’t we?

Happy New Year 2012! Let’s make this a good one, and keep off the carbs. *cheers* Here’s to a better, healthier and happier 2012!


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