Low Carb Grocery List – Always shop with one!

Have you ever walked into a grocery store, and then just stopped. After looking around you can’t even think of one low carb meal to buy among the endless supply of carb-filled diet destroyers everywhere around you? I sure have.

Sometimes I will go into a store knowing I want to buy food for the next few days, and I can’t for the life of me remember what I can even eat from the store that is low carb…so I have started making a small list of items that are usually needed for low carb meals.

These items will let you make many other tasty low-carb meals and the most of all keep you from grabbing some random carb-filled snack and feeling guilty about it later.

Below are some of the items I keep on hand for my low carb meals, obviously you will need to tailor the list to your own likes and dislikes but I think it is always good to have a plan before heading into the store.

  1. Eggs – pretty much a stable good, eggs can be used for egg-salad, chef-salads, plain old fried eggs, and the always nice to have snack of boiled eggs in the fridge waiting for that snack time you know is coming.
  2. Canned Tuna – these are great as a shell or a bread replacement as I mentioned previously a few articles back, I always keep them around as they are cheap, and have a nice crispy crunch when you eat them—great topped with egg-salad, bacon, or tuna.
  3. Canned Tuna – provides a great meat that can be used on top of romaine hearts among other things.
  4. Apples – I like to start the day with a fresh organic apple, it’s a great way to wake up due to the caffeine and not too high in carbs.
  5. Mayonnaise and Mustard – these two are required for egg-salads, tuna and a lot of the other staple foods I keep around.
  6. Bacon – a great and extremely tasty addition to any salad—be it a chef-salad or even egg-salad, bacon also makes a great topping for romaine hearts with a little mayonnaise.

With the above items, you should be able to have a romaine heart snack with a topping of your choice for lunch, and a great egg-salad—maybe even with bacon bits in it—for breakfast, after the apple of course.

I highly suggest everyone that truly wants to stick to a low-carb diet create a list of the basic foods they need to keep around to be able to eat how they want. Having a plan when you head into the store will help prevent impulse binging, and help you plan out your meals for each day.

I like to plan for an apple when I wake up—it’s a bit like having coffee. And then I follow up with something low carb but with a good amount of protein so I have the energy to get on with my day. A sample of a daily plan would be something like what I have below:

8:00 am – Eat an apple first thing
8:30 am – Have egg-salad with bacon bits
11:00 am – Have 3 tuna topped romaine hearts
3:00 pm – have egg-salad topped romaine hearts – depending on how hungry I am 3 or more.
5:00 pm – Cook up a nice meal—I love sausage spinach bake for dinners, or a good steak and some steamed broccoli.

Enjoy, I hope having a list of foods to buy when you go into the store will help you as much as it has helped me to avoid buying things I don’t even want to eat and instead continue to eat a much healthier and satisfying diet.


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