My Favorite 3 Meals With Low Carbs To Have On Hand

Have you ever just come home after a long day at work, and then sort of fizzled out unable to think of a meal with low carbs and more importantly, one that is quick and easy?

I know I sure have, and generally when it happens I run right for the horrible for you–but easy and tasty–junk I have laying around from last time I went on a bingeā€¦one of the best ways I have found to avoid this, is to have a few “Go To” meals ready–and to keep the ingredients on hand, so I don’t talk myself out of it.

So without further ado, here are three of my favorite low carb “Go To” meals:

1. Bacon Egg Salad
This one is fairly easy, and really quick, I like to plan to eat something with eggs at least once a week, since they are a wonderful option being both low carb, and versatile in what I can use them for.

I find It’s usually a good idea to boil up some eggs in bulk–say 20 at a time–and just keep them in your fridge for whatever meal comes up.

For bacon egg sallied, you can easily mince up some of the eggs you have in the fridge–or boil some, but that takes longer–and either cook a few strips of bacon, or mix in some bacon bits for a similar flavor.

I usually mix in mustard and mayonnaise, and then serve on a plate, you will be surprised how filing it can be.

Ingredients you need on hand:

Eggs–at least 3
Bacon–or bacon bits

2. Chef Salad
Always a good go to meal, a chef salad often makes a great meal earlier in the day as it’s usually fairly light, and won’t knock you out, but will provide enough fuel for some time to keep you going.

Personally I like to take some of the boiled eggs I keep in the fridge, and mince them up, and then add them along with some grated cheese and usually either diced ham, or bacon to the salad.

Add some ranch dressing and you have one of the best meals with low carbs around–and its good for you as well.

Ingredients you need on hand:

Boiled Egg
Diced Ham, or bacon bits
Grated Cheese
Bag of Salad Lettuce

3. Romaine Heart True BLTs
If you have read many of my other articles you will know I love using Romaine Hearts to create meals with low carbs. In this case I would have some bacon strips cooked up–either in the fridge, or even microwavable with a handy bacon cooker–makes bacon in about 7 minutes perfectly.

This has to be one of the simplest meals to make. First take a romaine heart and lay it out flat, add a thin layer of mayonnaise to the leaf, and then lay a strip or two of bacon over the leaf.

Personally I am not fond of tomatoes unless they are ketchup, but you can also add tomato slices. Usually for a light lunch I will have three large leafs with bacon and a little mayonnaise on them. for a true Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich..

Ingredients you need on hand:
Romaine Lettuce Hearts
Bacon Strips
Sliced Tomatoes

And there you have it, three of my favorites. It is import to keep the ingredients on hand so that when you do come home, and just want some thing quick and easy you don’t go for the sugar filled junk that is offered in endless bunk at most of the stores today.

The best part is of course not only will these foods, taste great, and be guilt free, but they won’t knock you out afterwards either!

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