Top 10 Easy Low Carb Foods and Low Carb Snacks

Eating low carb doesn’t always have to be hard or feel like you are missing out, some easy snacks are available right at your grocery store. Even in the deli–which is actually a very good spot to look for many low carb snacks–or if you have a little extra time you can whip together some snacks with romaine hearts that will have you carb-munching friends wanting your food regardless.

Lets start with the diet killer that most people fail with all the time. the sweet snack on the run, there are actually a few of them that are easy to get at the store and totally carb free.

  1. Suger-free jello or pudding – Many options are now available in most stores that are both sugar free and CARB FREE! and of course the best part is they taste great to boot.
  2. Egg salad or deviled Eggs – both of these options generally don’t include much really other then eggs, which are wonderfully low in carbs but high in protein to give you a nice energy boost right when you need it.
  3. Salads — be they pre-made or at a salad bar, salads are very low carb, and a light meal that will leave you feeling awake instead of tired and groggy.
  4. Deli Foods—yeah you heard me–try eating chicken, or tuna salads–and of course shrimp. Even most friend chicken is low in carbs as long as you can get it un-breaded.
  5. Vegetables — like celery sticks, celery is low carb and so low in calories that you will actually burn more calories chewing it then you will gain from eating it. Find a low carb dip and have a nice tastey little snack.
  6. Cheeses – such as the wrapped individual cheese in foil or wax make a great snack food, and are low carb and high in protein. Besides who doesn’t like Mini-Bel cheese?
  7. Fruits – though you will want to eat only the low sugar fruits since sugar = carbs. Some fruits that are fairly low in sugar are: Strawberries, Nectarines, Cantaloupes and good old Apples.
  8. Yogurt — of course the sugar free kind, makes a great snack, you may have to search around a bit for a brand that doesn’t have anything too bad in it and is still sugar free and tastes good. You might try getting plain sugar free yogurt and adding your are fruits like the ones above to it.
  9. Some energy bars — Such as the ones by Atkins can be a good Low Carb Meal Replacement, but you will have to read the labels and make sure they fit your diet plans.
  10. Romaine Hearts and a Deli Meat – Try taking romaine hearts and putting a thin layer of mayo, or cream cheese then top with your favorite lunch meat and you have an amazing bread free snack. will soon be adding an entire section of recipe ideas about this wonderful addition.

Keep low crabbing and enjoy the summer time folks. More recipes and articles will be coming to the site shortly now that the college season is about over 🙂


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