Low Carb Bread

In many cases one of the hardest things for a person to give up when they decide to go low carb is bread. We use bread in sandwiches, toast, and many other normal meal items–including pizza crust.

I haven’t found myself having too much trouble with this as I usually don’t eat much bread anyway due to a slight wheat allergy, but for many this is a large hurdle to get over.

For those of you that just CAN’T drop bread all together, there are actually some pretty interesting “Low Carb Breads” out these days, that can help with that.

Here are a few I have found on the internet that may help you out, usually they are slightly different then a normal bread and to some they just aren’t close enough, but for many others they work wonders for their meal options.

And for those interested in how these work, and making some other breads, this site is interesting.

But for those of you like myself this Low Carb Bread isn’t carb free enough for my liking. One of my favorite bread substitutes is Romaine Lettice, which can be used for a bread of sorts–add you cheese, bacon and other sandwich content on to the romaine and eat like a taco.
They are make wonderful taco shells, as long as you are not using anything hot in them–so cold tacos are best with romaine.

If you want to try making some Low Carb Break quickly here is a cool video on how to make Low Carb Bread in the microwave in 1 minute! Give it a try, if you don’t like it you are only out a few minutes after all.

For those of you that don’t want to cook, or maybe don’t want to track down all the ingredients for each recipe, you can find ready made or ready to cook mixes online at at places like Amazon, below I have included some of the products I have seen recently for you convenience.

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