Low Carb For Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose ten to twenty pounds rather quickly, the high protein low card diet may be one route you should consider. The basic idea of the diet is that, if few carbohydrates are taken in, the body is more quickly forced to burn its own fat for fuel. In place of carbohydrates, one eats meals high in protein and healthy fats. This is a rather simple diet to follow if approached in the right manner.

One way to help keep yourself focused on a low carb diet is to make your own low carb food list. If this is not something you have done before, it could take a while, but once you have made the list you will have any easy reference that you can carry with you. At the top of your list should be lean meats, such as chicken breast and sirloin steak. These will be staples in your diet. You can also include many low carbohydrate alternatives to foods that you normally eat. If you try a low carbohydrate bread that you enjoy, add it to the list! If you are unsure of which foods to include, try doing an online search for low carb foods lists that you can adopt and add to your own.

Another tip to help you stick to a low carbohydrate diet is to start the day off right with a low carb breakfast. No, you can’t eat toast and jam or pancakes and syrup anymore, but many delicious breakfast foods are naturally low in carbs. Try an omelet made with 2 eggs, bacon, and cheese. You can even throw in some green peppers to spice it up a little! If you are not motivated to do that much cooking, try some cottage cheese or no sugar added yogurt. Check your grocery aisles as well. Many of your favorite breakfast breads and muffins may come in low carb versions. These can be a tasty addition to any breakfast.

Another strategy to sticking to a low carbohydrate diet is to plan your meals in advance. It can be hard to come up with low carb meals on the spot, so try to shop and plan ahead. Most meals will be based around a lean meat, such as chicken breast. Do some research and find several different recipes utilizing chicken breast that you enjoy. Preparing the same foods in different ways can keep them from getting old. Sides of vegetables are always welcome on a low carb diet, but avoid the pasta and rice.

With a little effort and know-how, you can easily stick to a low carbohydrate diet. Making lists of foods, eating a good breakfast, and planning meals ahead can do a great deal to help you lose weight!

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