Welcome to Low Carb Food Listing

On this site you will find food lists for easy shopping the low carb way, but before we get to that, here is a little backstory for our newest visitors.

Many of us these days are starting to realize that the massive amounts of carbohydrates that we consume on a daily basis are actually starting to hurt out bodies–sometimes as simple as feeling sluggish, other times weight problem that seem to be unresponsive and difficult to tacle, massive ache outbreaks, and other symptoms have been observed–and with this realization some of us have decided to take a stand, and make a change for the better.

Low Carbbing as they like to call it is a choice to either reduce the amount of carbohydrates in our daily diets, or for some people completely remove them all together. The good news is there are delishious alternatives to eating the carbohydrate heavy foods such as breads that we have come to think of as the base for most of our meals. On this site you will find information and links to low carb meals, low carb food, and even low carb breakfast ideas, the possibilities are endless, and for most people you will start to feel more energized almost as soon as you start to eat a less carb-based diet.

Please enjoy the site and send us any ideas/comments, or even recipes/foods you have discovered on your journey into a new¬†heather¬†low carb lifestyle. (You can contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page and we are always glad to hear your ideas and input)


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